USRetina Announces New Partnership With Focus Vitamins

USRetina Announces New Partnership With Focus Vitamins.

Safety is their standard. 

USRetina is built to provide its members with valuable services and quality products from our network. Our recent partnership with Covalent Medical, LLC is the latest example of equipping practices to best serve their patients. Focus Vision Supplements is a brand of quality supplements formulated by over 400 retina specialists in 2011. Their best-selling AREDS 2 based formula is available in both a softgel and chewable tablet. Their full product line offers an evidence-based choice with a focus on safety—upholding the highest standard for every active ingredient, on every lot, every time.  These physician-recommended products support the patient-physician relationship, while creating added value for your practice.

Focus Vision Supplements offerings can be viewed on their website at  To learn more about their products and USRetina exclusive services, call toll-free 1-855-663-6287, option 1, or email Focus Vision Supplements at