Equipment Updates for RETeval®

Cleaning instructions and special offer for RETeval® portable, handheld ERG from LKC

LKC Technologies would like to remind owners of the RETeval handheld ERG that all surfaces of the device can be cleaned and disinfected between patients using alcohol wipes that meet the recommended COVID-19 alcohol content guidelines.  It is safe to use alcohol wipes on all surfaces of the RETeval device, including the eye cup, the electrode cable, the inside of the Ganzfeld bowl, and all outside surfaces of the device.  Do not use hand sanitizers on your RETeval device.  For detailed instructions on how to clean and disinfect your RETeval please visit here.


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Topcon Healthcare

Free breath shields for Topcon slit lamp customers.

As healthcare providers, eye doctors are required to be in close contact with patients while performing an exam and are, therefore, unable to maintain the CDC recommended distance of 2 meters. That’s why Topcon Healthcare, the market leader in slit lamps for the eye care community, has announced a new program to help prevent the transmission of respiratory illnesses including COVID-19.

Topcon is now o­ffering all of its slit lamp customers a free breath shield that fits onto their instrument and provides a first line of defense for both healthcare providers and patients.

Visit to request your free breath shield.

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Focus Vitamins Updates on Availability

With the help of the Focus internal team, business partners, and physician networks, we are constantly monitoring the Focus Vitamins supply chain, availability and product quality. 

At this time, Focus does not anticipate any impact to product delivery schedules, product availability, or product quality.  The Focus Customer Service Department will also continue to operate and support your needs during normal operating hours. Please note that Focus product delivery relies on third-party delivery services that may be impacted by COVID-19.

If these conditions change and we foresee an interruption, we will communicate that to you as soon as we can. Focus is committed to you and is taking whatever steps necessary to help you with your vision supplement needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Account Manager.

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Best-Practices Training From Zeiss Now Available Online

ZEISS MED Support Now has launched with free guidance to help you and your staff provide the best care for your patients during COVID-19. The new site offers access to continuing education programs and articles, case studies, presentations virtual symposia, interactive technology sessions and clinical insights from peers.

You will also find guidelines for how to properly disinfect and clean your ZEISS devices and how to order protective breath shields for slit lamps through our donation program.

The website will be updated with new information, so please continue to check the site for additional details and announcements.

For more technical training, certification and education for remote workforces, see the Zeiss Academy e-learning portal

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Updates on Staples Personal Protective Equipment

Staples Advantage is now offering sneeze/cough guards for reception and front office areas to keep you and your patients, customers, and visitors safe. Multiple sizes are available with different options for fastening including clamps, double sided tape, wide feet. Current lead times are 10 days or less, with increased time for larger orders.

Learn more on sizes and pricing here, and shop RetinaPurchasing to order.

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