USRetina Announces Changes to Senior Management Team

New leadership brings over 100 collective years of healthcare and technology experience to the business. 

New leadership brings over 100 collective years of healthcare and technology experience to the business. 

  • Ike Nicoll named Chief Executive Officer
  • Ravi Nemana named Chief Technology Officer
  • Jacob Alcauskas named Vice President, Product
  • James Gruber named Vice President, Provider Network
  • Jennette I. Tran named Vice President, Group Purchasing Organization
  • Jordan Sher named Vice President, Marketing

Denver, CO (January 23rd, 2019) USRetina, the nation’s largest independent association of retina practices, today announced an expanded leadership team with the appointment of a new executive team. The change reflects a strategic approach to long-term value and growth for the organization.

“I’m proud of the depth and diversity of this new executive team,” said Sunil Gupta, Founder and Chairman of the USRetina board. “These appointments will ensure the delivery of our commitments to our customers and partnersand advance our mission to support retina practices through never-before-seen technology and services.”

Nicoll is a 30-year veteran of healthcare and technology, with proven success in most recently serving as the CEO of Cancer Clinics of Excellence. Previous companies include IBM, AmerisourceBergan, and McKesson, where he served as VP/General Manager, and was responsible for the development of physician services ventures that increased the company’s revenues by over $600 million.

“It’s a rare opportunity to get to be a part of a world-class company that’s transforming how retina practices are optimized for business,” said Nicoll. “USRetina delivers powerful purchasing opportunities, technology platforms, a collaborative community and consulting that to help retina doctors focus on what matters: the patients they serve. I’m honored to join a roster of talent that has a long track record of success.”

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