Important Updates Regarding Avella Ordering Patterns

Dear Valued Avella Customer,

Demand appears to be in fluctuation due to COVID-19, so ordering patterns will most likely continue to have unforeseen spikes.

Thank you for staying at least two weeks ahead of your ordering, allowing up to two weeks from order date to receipt.  We would like to encourage you to continue this practice for the foreseeable future.

Lawrence Rossetti

Sr. Director of Sales | Avella


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ZEISS Education Team Partners with Covalent Careers for On-Demand Educational Content

The Zeiss Professional Education team is excited to announce that we have partnered with Covalent Careers to have On-Demand viewing available of educational content. Watch on-demand videos that take you inside the offices of ODs and MDs that are on the forefront of medical eye care and watch in-depth lectures that will help you advance your clinical skills.

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Zeiss Offers Free Protective Face Shields

Zeiss has announced that clinics can now order free protective face shields (up to 2 per doctor).

Please note that supplies are limited.

For more information, please visit:


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Merchant Advocate Launches The Merchant Account Watchdog Program

Merchant Advocate is a preferred partner of US Retina and is committed to helping the members weather this crisis and emerge in a strong position to continue to serve their communities.

As a courtesy, Merchant Advocate has implemented The Merchant Account Watchdog Program, which can monitor your merchant processing account(s) over the next 3-6 months as a complimentary service and with no obligations. Most processors have already indicated that in the coming months they plan to raise rates one way or another to make up for huge losses.  The intent of this free program is to protect your practice by:

  • Establishing a base-line – Merchant Advocate will review your merchant processing account(s) to determine the current fee structure so that we can flag anything unusual that may surface down-the-road.
  • Prevent Rate Increases Without Notification – Credit card processors are not bound by any regulations and can inflate their revenues via hidden rate increase or by adding in bogus line-item fees without notice.
  • Mitigate Visa’s Largest Rate Hike – Even though VISA has postponed its April rate increase, many practices are going to see these VERY avoidable fee increases in their statements come June or July. Practices that process “Card Not Present” transactions will be impacted the most.

If you’re interested in utilizing this free service as an extra set of eyes to help manage your bottom-line, please contact

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Rethinking Inventory and Financial Management in the Age of COVID-19

RetinaInventory and RetinaFinance offer new ways for practices to manage their finances during uncertain times.

Practices are stuck in the middle of the global phenomenon of COVID-19. This has not only changed how clinics can handle patients and the precautions required for safety and protection, but it’s transforming how they think managing financials to reduce risk and maintain operations.

Having visibility into financials is paramount to managing a practice during periods of volatility. Many practices have pivoted from quick, reactive actions to factoring in medium- to long-term financial projections. It’s here where technology can play a tremendous role, and a platform like RetinaOS can provide better financial tools and insights to manage your practice through these times and emerge in a more favorable position.


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