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Here’s How We’re Handling Remote Implementations of RetinaOS During COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis is impacting every aspect of clinical practice and creating enormous uncertainty for our members. We know that many of our members had been planning to transition to our new cloud-based clinical workflow and inventory management system, RetinaOS, in the coming weeks and months.  You may now be wondering if you can still proceed. We’d like to let you know what we’ve been doing to support this process, so you can make the best decision for your practice.

Since its January launch, we have been traveling around the country to help members integrate RetinaOS with their EMR and practice management systems, train clinical staff and assist with troubleshooting, and facilitate as practices go-live with the system. We’re still providing that exact same level of support. What’s changed is that now we’re doing everything remotely.


With remote implementation, we’re using tools like video chat, screenshare, and online meeting platforms to virtually visit your office, shadow your staff, and be at your side throughout the go-live process, from start to finish. Some of the steps we’re taking include:

  • Using video for workflow analysis on drug scanning and data entry
  • Conducting trainings and virtual walk-throughs prior to go-live
  • Performing system validation using screensharing
  • Keeping a GoToMeeting line open throughout launch day for staff to ask questions as they arise and receive extra training if needed

We’ve found that there is nothing we do on-site that can’t be done remotely in collaboration with your staff.

While we love the opportunity to meet our members face to face, remote implementation offers several benefits, starting with safety — by conducting implementation remotely, we won’t be traveling from practice to practice, reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission for your patients, physicians, staff and our team members.

Other advantages of remote implementation include:

  • Accelerated Timelines. By eliminating two days of travel for each go-live, we can schedule your implementation even sooner and make more days of the week available.
  • Additional resources. We can bring specialists and additional team members on the line when a question comes up that requires their area of expertise.
  • Multiple sites. For clinics with multiple locations, we’re able to support implementation for all sites simultaneously, using screen share and video chat.
  • Enhanced collaboration. We’ve even noticed sites collaborating amongst themselves on the day of go-live which we love to see!
  • Low clinical volume. Clinics that are seeing a reduced patient load during the COVID-19 outbreak might find that it’s a good time to transition to a new management system due to a lower-than-normal clinical volume.


We’ve always done integrations remotely, so in that area nothing has changed. As long as your IT support provider is still operating, we can continue to integrate the RetinaOS system with your EMR or practice management system remotely, as we always have.


We’ve already successfully rolled out remote implementation with a number of practices. We’ve found that the process works exactly the same online as it does in person, and our clients have responded positively.

Here’s what Carla Tremel, Medication Intake Specialist of Southern Vitreoretinal Associates had to say about their experience:

“The USRetina team was completely hands-on throughout the remote implementation process. Using screen share and video chat, they were able to observe and train clinical staff, and they kept an open line to provide ongoing monitoring and provide immediate answers to questions as they come up throughout the day. The entire implementation process went smoothly, and our practice is now fully transitioned to the RetinaOS system, with great results.”

We know that our members are facing unprecedented challenges and are making decisions day-by-day about the best steps to take for their patients and staff. If you do decide that moving ahead with RetinaOS is right for your practice, we want you to know that we’ll continue to be here to help with your transition, by providing go-live implementations remotely and providing you with all the support you need to move forward.

Learn more about RetinaOS, or contact us to schedule your implementation.